Do You Understand The Common Online Casino Bonus Glossary?

26 Jul

Do You Understand The Common Online Casino Bonus Glossary?

Playing at casinos can bring a gambler to a trance with the numerous forms of online casino bonuses offered for them to avail. The online casino bonuses are created by casinos and designed to become an attractive force to draw more players on their casino establishments.

Knowing that online casinos are in tight competition with each other, they need to devise promotions that will help perk up the online gambling experience of casino gamblers that will keep them as loyal patrons to their casino site.

The online casino bonuses take various forms which can be quite confusing among online casino players as each takes different mechanics with variety of terms and conditions attached. Thus it is important for online casino gamblers to learn the different online casino bonus glossary in order to better understand the type of online casino bonus they will avail.

Before anyone can fully enjoy any form of online casino bonus, the player needs to meet the play through requirement of the casino. This refers to the number of times a casino player needs to play the bonus amount before they can cash out their online casino bonus. This is a stringent policy imposed by the casino management in order to protect their gambling establishment from bonus abuse. The play through requirement can take two forms: bankroll and bonus play through. Bankroll play through requirement involves playing the player’s deposited amount along with the bonus amount a number of times. A standard in majority of online casinos is 20 times. The bonus play through means that the player only needs to play the bonus amount alone a number of times as required by the casino.

The no deposit bonus is the most favorite online casino bonus to avail by gamblers. This offers a risk free gambling venture in online casinos as the players need not make a deposit in order to avail of the online casino bonus offer. The no deposit bonus however offers a lower amount of free money to enjoy and always comes with certain restrictions.

The match deposit bonus allows a player to obtain additional bonus amount of money often based on the percentage of the amount of their deposit. Common online casino bonus of this type is offered at 100% match deposit bonus. A player who made a deposit of $200 into their casino account will earn $400 credits to play for.

The sign up bonus is a welcome online casino bonus for first time depositors in an online casino site. The amount offered is often in percentage bonus form. Another online casino bonus is the sticky bonus where the bonus amount remains to the casino ownership while the player can only withdraw the amount of the winnings earned from playing the sticky bonus amount.

Knowing each kind of online bonus glossary commonly used in online casinos will help one determine their distinctive features when they come across a particular online casino bonus offer.